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King T'Challa the "Black Panther"





The Wakandans have a warrior spirit that makes the Vietnamese look like, well, the French. They've also maintained a technological superiority that defies explanation.
— Everett Ross

Wakanda is a small African nation, famous for it's fearsome ability to wage war and for the massive supply of a rare metal known as Vibranium that exists there. Thanks to these Vibranium deposits, the Wakandans were able to forge weaponry and technology that far exceeded any nearby, and began to guard their treasure with fierceness, practicing a strong isolationist policy and threatening any outsiders with death just for approaching it. The people of Wakanda are divided into numerous spiritual tribes, each dedicated to various animals. For generations, the most prominent tribe that ruled over the nation was the Black Panther Tribe.

The current leader of Wakanda, T'Challa, has started a more open involvement with global politics than his predecessors, a policy in part inspired by the respect his father T'Chaka gained for Captain America during World War II. As the new Black Panther, T'Challa balances his role as the head of Wakandan politics and as a member of the Avengers and a global super hero.

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