"Sometimes on recent nights like these I begin to question myself," The Watch Dog thought while running across the city while avoiding the lights and sirens that filled the once quiet night. They were on the lookout for a murderer who has had a recent killing spree around this area and they were certain that tonight they were going to catch him. "What happens if I ever snap and do get caught one day what's gonna happen after that?" I quickly snapped out of my thoughts once I saw a bright light over head and heard the words "Stop your surrounded try and move and we will shot you!" the cop in the helicopter said to the hero who was later completely swarmed by police crusiers. I raised my hands, unknown to the cops I slowly generating some electricity in my hands.

"Whoever is doing this is making sure I'll never be free again." Suddenly a burst of light that blinded both the cops and pilot came and when it was gone the hero had disappeared. " I'm gonna find this guy and make sure he pays for what he's done to me before someone else does." said Watch Dog while riding a powerline at amazing speeds away from the city.