aka That Skeleton In Your Closet

  • My occupation is I'm That Guy That Does Stuff.....
  • WanderingSkull

    Somewhere within the base of Firebirds in a small room stood two figures one sitting on the floor and the other standing over him waiting for him snap out of vision.  The man that was sitting opened his eyes and gave the awaiting man the answer he's been waiting for. "I got our place and what info we'll need for that brain of yours to plan out the mission." the suit wearing man said getting up from his sitting position looking at the face or rather mask of his companion.

    "Good now we can hopefully take this guy down before he begins to sell anymore of those things." the skull faced man said to his counterpart. "Alright so let's head into the next room, Watch Dog don't leave out a single detail." White Skull said to his fellow hero as they l…

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  • WanderingSkull

    "Sometimes on recent nights like these I begin to question myself," The Watch Dog thought while running across the city while avoiding the lights and sirens that filled the once quiet night. They were on the lookout for a murderer who has had a recent killing spree around this area and they were certain that tonight they were going to catch him. "What happens if I ever snap and do get caught one day what's gonna happen after that?" I quickly snapped out of my thoughts once I saw a bright light over head and heard the words "Stop your surrounded try and move and we will shot you!" the cop in the helicopter said to the hero who was later completely swarmed by police crusiers. I raised my hands, unknown to the cops I slowly generating some el…

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