San Diego, California

The roof of Landry's Furniture warehouse, 9:46 PM

Nervesplitter stared through the scope of his rifle. Behind him lay three dead bodies, all having fallen prey to Nervesplitter's bare hands. His gun, trained on the last remaining member of Fury's Seceret Warriors: Sebastian Druid AKA, the Druid. The man wore a long, blue trench coat, down to his ankles. The bottom hem of the coat was wet and covered with dirt and sand. He's been traveling quite a bit. The HYDRA Assassin thought to himself. He hasn't traveled far enough.


Sebastian looked around nervously. Fate had caught up with him at last. He rubbed his clammy hands together and wiped a newly formed collection of sweat from his forehead with the sleeve of his jacket. He could sense the assassin was near, but he had no clue where. The rest of his old team members were dead. Each took a bullet between the eyes at a thousand yards out from the shooter. He knew why they were coming after him. Fury had used the team to destroy SHIELD back when HYDRA controlled it. But now that HYDRA was out for blood once again, they sought revenge. They sent someone after him, someone very, very good.


Nervesplitter watched his target walk along the sidewalk from 1,000 meters out. He watched his behavior. How he walked, how he reacted to someone bumping in to him on the street, what did he do at crosswalks, cross the street in a hurry, or wait for the buzzer? He would wait hours if he had to. If his target was killed, then he would be done. Then he could rest. But not until he has disposed of the scum that dared to insult HYDRA with his pety magic tricks. The time was drawing very near, the wind, at the perfect speed. The temperatures were just right, and his target was in the perfect position. Nervesplitter smiled under his mask, and pulled the trigger.