Richard Starkey

aka Richard Troy Starkey

  • I live in New Martinsville, WV
  • My occupation is Coal Miner
  • I am a Good ole southerner
  • Richard Starkey

    Sergeant South has heard reports of a HYDRA base disguised as an old factory operating in Valdera City, planning to unleash an experimental nerve gas on the city. Upon arriving at the factory, South was surprised to see a trail of dead HYDRA soldiers leading deeper into the base. Readying his shield and sword, the dixie hero continued into a large room, filled with even more dead HYDRA, and a black-clad figure in the center of the room.

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  • Richard Starkey

    Weapon X is on a hunt. A hunt for the monstrosity of a man named El Krokodil. Even their best failed to even harn the beast, now they're relying on an assasin known as Bloodgush to contain Krokodil. This monster is also known for his involvement in Human and drug trafficking, and is also being hunted by a man known as Sergeant South. Both hunters are nearing their prey, this could lead to a battle between all three...

    Bloodgush leaned up against a sewer wall, he peeked around the corner to see the huge bulk of El Krokodil. "I know you're there, don't try to hide from me." Bloodgush stepped out infront of Krokodil, "I'm from Weapon X, I'm here to pick up the money." Krokodil turned around, seemingly to search for something. Bloodgush pulled …

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