• I live in tha Otherside
  • I was born on September 25
  • I am lookin 4 tha suckin
  • Lasifer

    Bloodgush here, Looking for a new means of transportation around NYC. I've found some bikes I'd like, which one should I get to customize?

    Bike 1: Mist.

    A light-weight and fast bike that's easy to manuever with a speed boster, can carry two non-lethal rockets on it's sides.

    Bike 2: Rover

    A bulky bike with an average speed, lots of bullet proof armor-fitting and 4 machine gun barrels in the front; is all terrain.

    Bike 3: Nite Rage

    Medium-sized bike with average speed, armor fitting, good fires, speed booster, and carries two non-lethal rockets and a shotgun in the front.

    Bike 4: Sleek

    A powerful and speedy bike with armor and 8 lethal rockets (4 on each side)

    Bike 5

    Bike 6

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