Sergeant South had only been in New York a couple of hours, dropped off by a SHIELD jet that came by to pick him up, and he was already feeling overwhelmed by the enormity of the situation. Alien tendrils connected the buildings like some disgusting web, and the streets were a chaotic mess of giant monsters and crying Civilians. The easiest of these Symbiotes, small white ones that seemed to be normal people that he had heard the people call "Zombies"- they were the most numerous, and the easiest to take out, but they weren't the ones to worry about.

South threw his trusty shield, Jackson's Stonewall, at one of the white zombies. The shield rebounded off the wall and brought a dozen of the little shufflers to the ground. Drawing his blade, Sergeant South was about to tear the symbiote organism from the civilian, when a loud and brutal shriek echoed from across the street.

Symbiote Brute

The Brutes. Those were the tough ones. 7 1/2 feet of writing pain and destruction, these monsters were strong enough to toss cars with ease, and their deadly tendrils can sever a man in two. Picking up his shield, and sword in hand, Sergeant South stared down the Brute, prepared to attack...