Black Adder was riding through the infested streets of New York, striking down flying symbiotes left and right with skillful precision. The Our Lady of Saints Church lay ahead of them, and it was clear that building was under siege by hundreds of the Symbiotes. As they flew up to the tower, Adder could feel the huge number of innocent people that were locked and barricaded within- it would take hours for the SHIELD transports to get them all- but he knew he had to buy them time. As he stepped out into the bell tower, he was greeted by a harsh voice.

"Listen up, Bub! We gotta protect these people so they can get out of here. These aliens are attacking in basic waves, but it's getting hard to manage with me alone here. All the SHIELD back-up got killed on the last attack, so it's just you and me. We gotta tear these things apart and keep 'em distracted so they don't break into the Church...that happens and it's all over."


Wolverine popped out his claws with an iconic SNIKT and turned to Black Adder one final time. "If one of us hits these Church Bells, it'll paralyze most of the Symbiotes for a few seconds, but it won't be strong enough to do much from a distance. I don't know who you are, bub, but I hope yer a damn good fighter. We're gonna need one to get outta this scrap." And with that, Wolverine leapt into the fray like a bezerk animal, the Symbiotes charging into the courtyard below. Black Adder prepared to join the X-Men...