12:21 AM

First National Bank, Valdera City, Massachusetts.

"All right ladies and gentlemen..." a costumed supervillain sneered at a crowd of hostages he had taken in the night. "Just put the money in these bags, and maybe I won't have to hurt none of ya." The villain gestured at the massive safe in the back of the bank. "I got my boys on the inside, and I want you to be right cooperative with any of them."

The scared crowd huddled together as the supervillain threatened them, cowering for their lives. One of the bank employees started to crawl towards the counter she worked at- making a hand motion that she prayed would convey her intentions to gather money for their overseer. The costumed man glared at her as she inched towards the counter. She finally reached it, mere inches from her prize- a panic button located under the counter...if only they hadn't been taken by such surprise, then maybe the police would've been able to, she couldn't think about what ifs...she only had to do. In a flash she leapt forward, slamming on the button- an alarm began to ring out, across the bank and to the police.

The villain cursed as he flung his arm forward- a clear and threatening tendril streched out from his wrist and wrapped around the bank employees neck, crushing her...preventing her breathing. "Now you all see why they call me...Constrictor!" he yelled as electricity ran from the backs of his hands up the tentacle, electricuting the woman. She screamed out once, and then fell to the ground- crumpled and smoking.

The others looked horrified -they couldn't fight this, and with the police coming, would he just decide to kill them all? Would the police even respond in time?

0060 w11 constrictor

Boss Battle- The Constrictor!

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