Your Alignment determines what your basic affiliation, personality and character relationship is like. Players can choose to play as-

  • Hero- Straight Heroic characters who try to uphold the law, do what is right and defend those who can't defend themselves from the forces of evil and destruction.
  • Anti-Hero- While ultimately heroic, Anti-Heroes are far more willing to cross the line to fight evil, and will not hesitate to murder and commit acts of terrorism or destruction, and are often at odds with law enforcement.
  • Anti-Villain- Villains that have mostly heroic goals that go about seeing their vision through via violent and destructive means, such as trying to save a race or culture by destroying numerous others and committing genocide.
  • Villain- Straight villainous characters who are only interested in ruling others, destroying and committing acts of violence and destruction while fighting their heroic foes.

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